Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do i add a guestbook comment?

A: Click on the memorial button on a persons remembrance page, and then click on sign guestbook.  This can be done with or without registering on the site.  See below;


Q: Is there a charge for adding Guestbook comments?

A: No. There is no charge for these comments. We encourage everyone to leave a little something for the families and friends to read. We have even recently added a new feature to registered guests.  This allows for comments to be made which are only viewable to family and friends, or only yourself when logged in. 

Q: Do I have to leave my email address or physical address to leave a comment?

A: No. You can leave just a comment or pieces there of. Leave only the amount of information that you feel comfortable with.

Q: Do I need to check back to the site often to see new additions to the visitation pages?

A: Not unless you really miss us that much, in that case... bookmark us! :)  You can register your email address to a friends visitation page. Then whenever new addtions are made, you will be notified by email to check back on the site. See below;



Q: How do I load pictures onto the site and is there a charge?

A: There is no charge to upload photos to the Photo Album. Simply click on the add photos button. This will open pictures saved on your computer. Find the folder that holds your desired picture and double click on it. This bring the uploading link to our site. Then click Add, and your done. See below;




Q: Can I order flowers right from the site?

A: Yes. You may now order flowers direct from our site for those interred in the park. We will process the order and then send a digital photo of the flowers after they are delivered to the site. You can then use this photo for the website photo album if so desired.

Q: How long will the information stay on the site?

A: Forever. The site was created for lasting memories. We want future generations to have the opportunity to remember those interred here. Years from now future generations will be able to have a glimpse of the persons life they may never have met.

Q: I see that some people have their pictures next to their postings, how do I do that?

A: It is as simple as registering and creating a profile.  The site will walk you through the process with a system of prompts, just enter one piece of imformation and then save before moving onto the next. See below;




Q: Why should I post pictures to here if I can look at my photo album everyday if I want to?

A: For many reasons. One being that there are others out there who might want to remember the people as well. I might have some pictures that my sister might never see, or so on. This will let us all share in those memories. Another being losing them all together. House fires, water damage, and even natural disasters might take those pictures away from us. The website is backed up daily, so those memories will never be lost.