What’s New at Ridge Hill Memorial Park

Published On: December 11th, 2023

Starting today, I’ll be publishing updates about Ridge Hill Memorial Park every Monday. We’ve been a part of this community since 1929, and we want to keep an open line of communication with all of you. Please comment or message us with any and all questions, suggestions, and concerns.

Pre-planning seminars are coming soon! We’re very excited to partner with a local funeral home and a law office that specializes in estate planning to put on an informational seminar. Between the three of us, we can answer all of your questions, provide all of the options imaginable, and take the mystery out of pre-planning. Dates and more detailed information will be coming very soon, so keep an eye out for our updates here on Facebook! In the meantime, what questions do you have about pre-planning that you’d like to see covered in the seminar?

We had a great turnout on Saturday the 9th for the Honor Wreaths Ceremony! We want to thank all of the people who attended, all of the volunteers who helped out, and most of all the veterans who we remember every day and honored with this event.

Our glass front niche mausoleum is nearing completion! It’s been a long process, and it’s very exciting to see it all coming together. We’re the first and only cemetery in the area to offer glass front cremation niches. Pre-sales are still being offered and 0% financing is available. In conjunction with the new glass front niches, we have partnered with a fantastic supplier of cremation urns and cremation jewelry. They’re fully customizable, the selection is huge, and as always the prices are very reasonable.

Our new cremation scattering garden, Remembrance Grove, is also taking shape! As cremation increases in popularity, we want to ensure that we offer options to suit everyone’s preferences. That’s why we’ve dedicated a large area to serve as a scattering garden, and we’re proud to be the first cemetery in the area to provide such a space.

The Legacy Program is back by popular demand! If you have a loved one interred at Ridge Hill Memorial Park, you may qualify for substantial savings on your own pre-planning.

Give us a call or message us here on Facebook to learn more about any of the things I’ve talked about here, or with any other questions you may have. Our number is 440-233-5113 and we’re always happy to hear from you!

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