Burial Spaces & Options

There is a wide range of burial locations and pricing available. All arrangements for interment can be made in advance. By planning ahead, you can consider the many options available as well as make an informed decision about your cemetery arrangements.


Ridge Hill Memorial Park offers a variety of choices for in-ground interment. Most common are single graves and lots composed of two or more graves.

Single Grave

A single grave normally accommodates a single casketed burial. In some cases, a single grave can accommodate one casketed burial and one cremation urn. Many single graves can also accommodate two cremation urns.


A lot contains more than one grave. Lots are frequently purchased so that spouses or family members can be buried in contiguous spaces.

Family Monument Lot

A family monument lot is a grouping of eight or more spaces. The individual or family purchasing the lots also purchases an upright granite monument which is inscribed with the family surname. Individual spaces within the family lot are marked with flat bronze memorials.

Cremation Space

Sized smaller than a single grave, cremation spaces can accommodate only one cremation urn.

Veterans’ Spaces

Specially designated spaces reserved exclusively for veterans and their spouses are located in the cemetery’s Patriot Field.


Above ground burial of cremains may be made in the cemetery’s columbarium. The columbarium is a free-standing outdoor structure that consists of small compartments called niches. Each of the columbarium’s 132 companion niches can accommodate two cremation urns. Each of the twelve family niches can accommodate four cremation urns.