Burial Spaces & Options

There is a wide range of burial locations and pricing available. All arrangements for interment can be made in advance. By planning ahead, you can consider the many options available as well as make an informed decision about your cemetery arrangements.


Ridge Hill Memorial Park offers a variety of choices for traditional interment. Most common are single graves and lots composed of two or more graves.

Single Grave

A single grave normally accommodates a single casketed burial. In some cases, a single grave can accommodate one casketed burial and one cremation urn. Many single graves can also accommodate two cremation urns.


A lot contains more than one grave. Lots are frequently purchased so that spouses or family members can be buried in contiguous spaces.

Family Monument Lot

A family monument lot is a grouping of eight or more spaces. The individual or family purchasing the lots also purchases an upright granite monument which is inscribed with the family surname. Individual spaces within the family lot are marked with flat bronze memorials.

Cremation Space

Sized smaller than a single grave, cremation spaces can accommodate only one cremation urn.

Veterans’ Spaces

Specially designated spaces reserved exclusively for veterans and their spouses are located in the cemetery’s Patriot Field.


Above ground interment of cremains may be made in the cemetery’s columbarium. The columbarium is a free-standing outdoor structure that consists of small compartments called niches. Each of the columbarium’s 132 companion niches can accommodate two cremation urns. Each of the twelve family niches can accommodate four cremation urns.


Ridge Hill is pleased to be the first cemetery in our area to offer Glass Front Niches. These lighted cremation niches, which we are constructing a new building specifically for, will allow a clear view of urns and personal remembrances for the first time. We are combining the permanence of a final resting place with the close connection that only visibility provides. Pre-sales are now being offered. Contact us at 440-233-5113 or visit us on the web at www.ridgehillmp.org to find out more.

Why Glass Front Niches?

Glass front niches are housed in Ridge Hill Memorial Park’s new mausoleum. They allow visitors to view cremation urns and other personal remembrances, such as photographs, placed inside. There are several benefits to choosing a glass front niche as opposed to traditional ground burial, a solid front niche, or even keeping an urn at home.

For starters, glass front niches allow for a more personal connection when visiting our deceased loved ones. Our memories are very much connected to visual stimuli, and that’s what makes being able to view the urn and other personal items so important. Our glass front niches are individually lit by LEDs for maximum visibility. You may wish to change the décor of your loved one’s niche according to the season, and we are able to accommodate that.

Glass front niches also keep your loved one’s remains safe and secure. Our mausoleum is secured with a state-of-the-art system including alarms, cameras, and a secure access door. The building is climate controlled and was constructed with longevity and strength in mind. We envisioned the worst-case scenarios of tornadoes coming through and trees falling down and built the mausoleum to withstand it all. Our glass front niches even incorporate a barrier to keep dust and moisture out.

Finally, glass front niches ensure that your loved ones will always be treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve. Our endowment care trust fund ensures that Ridge Hill Memorial Park will operate with a full staff indefinitely and our facilities, including the glass front niche mausoleum, will always be maintained at a high level. I encourage everyone to consider that before deciding to keep a loved one’s urn at home, and to picture what may happen to that urn after several generations have passed. Choosing a glass front niche guarantees perpetual care, and that’s what your loved one deserves.

Contact Ridge Hill Memorial Park to secure a glass front niche today.


Private Estates are fully customizable personal mausoleums. They can be designed to accommodate full casket or cremation interment. Please contact our office to learn more.


Our new scattering garden, Remembrance Grove, will be available for use in 2023. Please contact our office for more details.