Care & Refinishing


Before leaving the manufacturer, your bronze memorial will be treated with a specially formulated clear coat to guard against environmental pollutants and chemical fertilizers.

While all bronze memorials will patina over time, you can help prolong the finish on your memorial with proper care.

Water, a mild soap (car wash soap works great) and a soft cloth are sufficient for cleaning your memorial. Never use harsh or abrasive detergents, penetrating chemicals, solvents, bleach, mineral oil, Armor-All or WD40. Brushes and scrapers should not be used as they will scratch the coating.

Start by filling a bucket with water. Add a small amount of soap and mix well. Use a soft cloth with the soapy water to wash off any debris or dirt that may have built up on the bronze. Rinse with clean water. Wash and rinse again if needed to remove any remaining dirt.

For added protection you may wish to apply Matthews Diamond Shield® Protective Polish. Diamond Shield® Protective Polish will give added protection to the finish and help keep the memorial looking clean and shiny. The polish comes in a four-ounce spray can and is available for purchase in our office.


As your memorial begins to patina over time, it can be restored to its original finish through a refinishing process. Contact Us for further details.